Design. Installation. Operation.


Founded by Dave Dusick, a former member of the facilities engineering team at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, RaceTrack Engineering (RTE) is an entity dedicated to the betterment of motorsports facilities. We strive to combine our passion with a collective hundred-plus years of experience to ultimately strengthen the motorsport community. This knowledge, pooled with our extensive network of industry leaders, yields a strong group of professionals able to develop solutions to satisfy the unique needs of our clients.

About RaceTrack Engineering

While our achievements at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) are the feather in our cap, our roots run deep in the short track racing community. Our primary goal is to take the ideals we utilize at IMS and disperse them across all segments of motorsport. From the Pikes Peak Hill Climb to the most historic short tracks in the country, we’ve experienced the best this sport has to offer. Our affiliations include nearly every major sanctioning body and hundreds of racetracks from coast to coast. This dynamic range of Clients upholds the RTE Mantra, “One Sport. One Solution.”

Our technical portfolio is vast and our approach is straightforward. While vendors sell products, we solve problems. With the constant evolution of technology impacting our sport, the RTE method is to find balance between personnel training and the implementation of cost-effective equipment. By building dedicated relationships with our clients, we act as a continued resource throughout these changing times. Our Services page outlines our current focus on industry needs.

Our Mission

RaceTrack Engineering exists because of our passion for the motorsport community. Our philosophy is such that we prefer to think in terms of cohesion, rather than competition. We have positive loyalty to our sport, and our goal is to see it flourish. Simply stated:

If the industry thrives, we too shall thrive.